V a i t a n o

About Vaitano

I am a Berlin based guitar player, singer, composer and songwriter,

strongly influenced by Brazilian music.

Coming from Jazz, I am in eternal love with Bossa Nova,  also having hot affairs with 

Afrosamba, Brazilfunk, Sambareggae and other grooves.

I was influenced by the great Brazilian songwriters: Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil, 

Caetano Veloso, Jorge Benjor, Djavan and Milton Nascimento.

I also love Chet Baker, George Benson, Charles Mingus and Baden Powell.

I am a fan of Joao Gilberto.

After studying at a German jazz school, I spent

several years in Salvador/Bahia, where my musical personality was formed.

“Wordless the young musician left – torn between two passions: Bahia (Brazil) and life.

Now however Vaitano returned with his music to the beaches of Bahia, to

Tia Dadi (Aunt Dadi), who calls the winds and calmes the sea, to the Afrobeats and Bossa Nova, 

always somewhere swaying gently through the day.

Inbetween lie 25 years in which the memories of his time in Brazil matured

into an acoustic whole – now pressed on CD for the first time. 

Full of relish he lets Berlin and Bahia, carneval and social criticism, Bolero and

Samba, afro-Bahian infuences, Jazz and rock music mingle on this CD.

He sings to his lover, the town of Salvador da Bahia. She is the woman, 

whom he asserts to come back one day (“Voltar depois”).

 Like Tia Dadi summoning the winds, he summons her native soil („Africa Bacana“), 

her energy („Berlino Bahianense“) und her Gods („Ogun“).

In Brazilian fashion Vaitano had incorporated the seemingly eternal “other”

carrying it through his life in the form of inner soundtracks. 

With “Bahia-Berlin” Vaitano now pays a very personal tribute to the eclectic Brazilian music.“

                                                                                         by Imke Wangerin  2011

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